Super Scripts

Hello! As you know we have started up a Monday’s radio show blog page. Today we are going to write on our recentist script that you might not have heard. We hope you enjoy it and next week we will be back with more:

welcome to Monday’s radio show. Today and for the next few weeks we will be talking about about…           Gleaming short(jingle).   the Olympics.

And specialising week on Jessica Ennis. Today we will be doing a quiz and the winner will be the first person who is first round tothey’d decking with the rightanswers to the question. Here is the question. We will announce the winner after the song, question is, what place did she come in sports personality of the year 2010 A=1st,   B=2nd,   C=3rd.       Jazzy downtempo.          And the winner was ………… With C=1st place, well done………         West Precinct.                    Good bye.       Wild Card Short.       The End.

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