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Show Preparation 10.05.13



Script Writing

The Friday radio team work hard to write exciting scripts for their listeners. Have you been listening in? This young lady is researching the weather for you so you can plan your weekend activities. Fingers crossed for sunshine although I don’t think we are going to be that lucky!

Super Scripts

Hello! As you know we have started up a Monday’s radio show blog page. Today we are going to write on our recentist script that you might not have heard. We hope you enjoy it and next week we will be back with more:

welcome to Monday’s radio show. Today and for the next few weeks we will be talking about about…           Gleaming short(jingle).   the Olympics.

And specialising week on Jessica Ennis. Today we will be doing a quiz and the winner will be the first person who is first round tothey’d decking with the rightanswers to the question. Here is the question. We will announce the winner after the song, question is, what place did she come in sports personality of the year 2010 A=1st,   B=2nd,   C=3rd.       Jazzy downtempo.          And the winner was ………… With C=1st place, well done………         West Precinct.                    Good bye.       Wild Card Short.       The End.

Thy quiz about Wenlock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you going to miss our quiz next week-WERE WILL YOU BE??????????!!!!!!!!!!! If your going miss our quiz (or you just want a sneek peek) here you are:

How many rings does wenlock have on his wrists?

What does his rings represent?

How did wenlock get his name?

A. A hospital

B. A village …or

C. A radio show

Wish you luck…

The Houghton Sisters!

Peachy Olympics


We are a bunch of year 6’s who broadcast to our school every tuesday and give kids info on famous Olympic throwers who are going to compete in the 2012 Olympics so tune in every Tuesday and listen out for me, Jack and Harvey!

Marvellous Monday mayhem!

Hello! This is Monday’s radio show speaking from your library near you! We would like you to know how much we appreciate you listening to our radio show. Please could you leave a comment with the songs you want to hear along with the name of the singer and we might play it on our show the next week. We only have certain songs on the radio but if we don’t have it we might put it on. We would like as many comments as possible please. Amy, Niamh and Ellie.

BBC Radio Sheffield – KIds Talk

Last Wednesday Howard Pressman from BBC Radio Sheffield came to interview some of our Year 5 children. Their interview was then broadcast on ‘Kids Talk’ on Saturday 2nd March at 12.10pm amd 1.10pm. Click on the BBC Radio Sheffield logo below to listen again on the iPlayer.